Korea Textile Machinery Association founded on August 14, 1990

 ¤ılegal foundation : Article 38. Business Development Law
                             (Article 23. Industry Development Law )
 ¤ıpresident : Byong-Ki, Choi
 ¤ımembers : 116

¡Õ Objective
 ¤ıdevelopment of textile industry
 ¤ıpursuit of mutual interest and cooperation
 ¤ıcontribution to the nation¡®s economic development

¡Õ Major Projects
 ¤ıanalysis and research on the industry
 ¤ıinformation collection of the industry, local & global, and education programs
 ¤ıseminars and training helped by invited experts
 ¤ısupport for the industry related R&D and public relation
 ¤ımarket explorer delegation, export promotion and shows

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