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FITI Testing & Research Institute

[ http://www.fiti.re.kr ]

On the basis of accumulated data from experience of textile testing and inspection since 1964, FITI is speedily and accurately providing testing and analysis services of polymeric products such as paper, leather, rubber, plastic, resin as well as textile, and performance evaluation services of consumer goods, industrial materials and high-performance advanced materials. Furthermore FITI is multi-field testing & research institute conducting analysis of environmental contaminants such as waste water and dust, toxic heavy metal content, pesticide content on food, hygienic evaluation of antimicrobial deodrant finish and Toxicity

The Center of Knowledge Information Infrastructure in 21C

[ http://www.kisti.re.kr ]

The Center of Knowledge Information Infrastructure in 21C In-depth information services by experts of electronics, mechanics, environment and biology, etc. and provision of knowledge information through market analysis and consulting on product development.

Korea Fashion Association

[ http://www.kcfa.or.kr ]

The major functions of the KCFA are 1) to represent the interests of the Korean chemical fiber industry and its member companies to the government, other industries, international organizations and so forth, 2) to provide member companies with various services for technological development, improvement of productivity and product quality, and to ultimately strengthen the international competitiveness of member companies, 3) to collaborate with their related up and downstream industries as well as other related industries, 4) to cooperate with domestic and overseas chemical fiber industries Associations and their R&D institutes, especially to activate the exchange of statistics and techno-business information, and 5) to actively participate in regional and international conferences and meetings related to the development of the chemical fiber industry.

Seoul Fashion Artist Association

[ http://www.sfaa.co.kr ]

S.F.A.A has challenged The International Fashion Industry in order to show our fashion to world market by holding collections twice a year. Besides It can help the fashion circulation structure to be advanced and developed. Seoul collection will be the sixth popular collection and to be the one of the worldwide collections, Seoul collection will do its best.

Spinners & Weavers Association Of Korea

[ http://www.swak.org ]

The Spinners & Weavers Association of Korea(SWAK) was established on April 2, 1947 to lay the strong foundation for the development of the Korean cotton textile industry. Since then, it has been playing a leading role in boosting the rapid economic growth of our country.

Korea Textile Inspection & Testing Institue

[ http://kotiti.re.kr ]

KOTITI(Korea Textile Inspection & Testing Institute), as a public research institute under the government (ministry of commerce, industry and energy), was established for the promotion and development of Korea textile industry by providing several services to the industry. The services include technological directions, education and training, diffusion of the technologies, quality certification of domestic and overseas textile products by testing and inspection, and R&D projects.

Korea Fashion Association

[ http://www.koreafashion.org ]

Promoting a sound development of fashion industry, in corporation with nation's industrial development policy Contributing to the national economy and also increasing rights and interests for members .

Korea Textile Trade Association

[ http://www.textra.or.kr ]

Korea Textile Trade Association (KTTA) was formed in 1997 with the Korean government as the expanded organization of export association existed since 1963. KTTA is the legitimate organization in Korea that can address itself to all questions related to Korean textile exports and imports.

Korea Federation of Textile Industries

[ http://www.kofoti.org ]

Korea's textile industry, which served as the engine for our country's economic miracle in the 1960s, propelled Korea from a very undeveloped stste to the upper echelon of the world's economic powers, as evidenced by Korea's admission into the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Despite sluggish growth in recent years, the domestic textile industry remains a potent force - Korea is the world's fourth largest textile exporter, behind only China, Italy and Germany.

Korea Dyeing Technology Center

[ http://www.dyetec.or.kr ]

To make the high value added industry of the textile industry and to convert the textile industry into the technology-intensive industry, which is the distinction-oriented part of the textile industry, it is required to develop dyeing & finishing technology nearer top of hierarchy. In the mean time it is necessary to develop the clean dyeing & finishing technology and the dyeing wastewater treatment technology for the dyeing industry to become the environmented- oriented industry.

Fashion Center Korea

[ http://www.fck.or.kr ]

Establishment and operation of fashion materials library Opening of fashion-related literature (including books published by fashion education institutions), collections, Visual-image materials to the public Promotion of product planning by providing to companies future fashion trends through a deep research of epochal, historical and regional fashion changes.

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